Tiny House Festival

Lena and I were guests at the “New Housing – Tiny House Festival” in Karlsruhe on Saturday, May 25, 2019. This was part of the trade fair “Loft – Das Design Kaufhause” on the inner courtyard of the Karlsruhe fairground.

At the festival we met our friends from the „Tiny House Village“ in the Fichtelgebirge for the first time since our stay at the “Tiny House Hotel”. In addition, we were very inspired by the 26 exhibitors of the festival. It’s just the one thing, whether you’re on the go on the websites or whether you can experience the houses live. The effect of the house on yourself is different. Above all from the feeling of space. The technical facts and figures on the websites or the 3D renderings or photos can only reflect the size and the feeling to a limited extent.

The impressions of the festival were captured and compiled by Tiny House TV:

The contribution picture “View into the atrium. KMK/Jürgen Rösner” is by New Housing – Tiny House Festival

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